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Safe, Predictable Relief Without a High.

When you’re serious about medicine, a ‘high’ is an unwanted side effect. At Pure Green we take pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and turn it into safe, effective and predictable relief by delivering precise micro-doses of CBD, THC and Terpenes through mint-flavored tablets that you hold under your tongue.

This is relief that you don’t smoke, vape or even digest. Our breakthrough process converts cannabis (naturally oil-based) into a water-soluble form with no harmful by-products. Our mint-flavored tablets melt under your tongue and deliver fast, safe relief. Not impacting the lungs or digestive system with our drug delivery..

This is Cannabis as Medicine.


It’s not Magic. It’s SCIENCE.

Cannabis-derived CBD is far more effective for medical use than hemp-derived CBD.

Only cannabis-derived CBD can be combined with micro-doses of THC and Terpenes to yield real, symptom-specific medicine that is safe for both acute and chronic problems.

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Medicine that’s designed to make a difference in the quality of your life

A Non-Narcotic, Non-Addictive and Natural solution to rapidly ease inflammation and reduce pain. One or two tablets taken for Back Leg, body, IBD, painful Menses and other times you need a little help deailing pain  IBD / Femme (until we have it)

Immediate help with mild to moderate pain. Back, muscles, or whole body, instead of straining your liver with heavy doses of Ibuprofen, Reach for Pure Relief  >

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Safe, daily or as-needed Anxiety Relief with a clear head. A solid step-up from CBD alone and often more effective and less risky than many antidepressants. Clinically-tested and trusted for women and men to help take the edge off, focus and be better — without a buzz. Pure Calm  >

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A natural and safer alternative for experienced cannabis consumers who habitually use cannabis to fall asleep and stay asleep. Instead of vaping or combusting cannabis, sleep-focused, fast-acting melting tablets are a dream come true. Pure Bliss  >

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Pure Sleep is a safe, natural and gentle medicine to help you fall asleep. No buzzes and non-addictive, just the gentle nudge you need each night. Best for non-consumers of cannabis. Pure Sleep  >

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Pharmaceutical-grade, Precise-dose, Mint-Flavored, Melt-away. Cannabis-derived CBD works stronger and longer than hemp-derived for daily front-line use for inflammation. This is cannabis as a daily medicine. This is Pure CBD  >


Science is everything.
It fuels our passion.
It changes lives.

Learn more   >

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