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Pure Calm

Calm and focus your mind and perform your best.

Lessen anxiety during the day and keep a sharp, clear, and focused head. Our clinically-tested formulation maximizes the anti-anxiety properties of CBD with just the right amounts of THC and terpenes with a 3:7 THC to CBD ratio. Each Pure Calm tablet delivers a precise, fast-acting dose that keeps you feeling clearer for hours and able to focus better in just 5-10 minutes.

Pure Calm medicine has changed countless lives for the better for people from every walk of life and every profession. A Non-Toxic, Non-Addictive, effective and Michigan-legal alternative to antidepressants and narcotics. Live a better day to a build a better life.

Each tablet contains:

3 mg THC / 7 mg CBD / 0.1 mg Curated Terpenes

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