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Pure Sleep

Fall asleep, naturally.

Perfect natural non-addictive and gentle sleep aid for never-before or not-in-forever cannabis users.

Pure Sleep is a far safer alternative to Ambien and other pharmaceutical sleep aids causing none of the FDA black-label-warned side effects. Best, you can take Pure Sleep long-term.

Each Pure Sleep tablet delivers a precise, fast-acting dose that promotes a natural sense of relaxation.

For long-experienced people who currently use cannabis to help them fall asleep, Pure Bliss is a better choice. Pure Bliss is a more powerful THC-dominant sleep (and pain) medicine in a safer and more convenient format than smoking or vaping cannabis.

Each tablet contains:

1 mg THC / 10 mg CBD / 0.1 mg Terpenes

This CBD-dominant micro-dose formula with a 1:10 THC to CBD ratio is supported by sleep-promoting curated terpenes to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

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