Is CBD effective as a first-line, fast-acting pain reliever?

After years of research and testing, Pure Green has developed its own medicinal formulations containing cannabis-derived pharmaceutical-grade CBD and identified the right terpenes to deliver humans (and even canines) safe and immediate pain relief in a dose-precise sublingual format.

Cannabis, and more-specifically CBD, has been known to reduce inflammation for thousands of years. Derived from hemp or cannabis plants, CBD is a powerfully-effective natural anti-inflammatory that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system.

When used over a period of time at consistent doses, CBD has proven its merits in clinical trials. It’s so safe that the World Health Organization (WHO) decreed CBD to be safe and has no public health risk or abuse potential. Further, The National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine report evidence for CBD and cannabis to be an effective treatment for pain. The Pure Green team agrees, and requests your help in our study.

Pure Green is recruiting participants for inclusion in a study of our Pure CBD rapidly-dissolving tablets as a first-line treatment for general and chronic pain. Instead of reaching for ibuprofen (or narcotic-based medicines), we are asking participants who do not currently use cannabis to exclusively use our Pure CBD rapidly dissolving tablets.

Duration: Two weeks.
Primary Requirement: No other THC or CBD products may be taken during the two-week study.
Summary: For the entire study, all tablets are provided along with clear directions for when, how much, and how often to take the Pure CBD tablets. Personal results are quickly recorded in either a MBClinical for iPhone or MBClinical for Android secure diary app.

This is a formal pre-FDA study of prospective human medical drug products. Your diligence and care is all we ask for no-cost participation, and early-access to a safer, natural, pain management option. Honest, quality information back from participants informs consequential scientific decisions about formulations and regimens that we are confident will help millions of people.

We need your participation to prove or disprove the science and efficacy of the very specialized cannabis medicine we’ve created. We are committed 100% to protect your privacy and act in full compliance with HIPAA and FDA regulations covering safety, documentation, distribution, trial conduct and information data security.

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