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Pure bliss is simpler sleep.

A safe, convenient, cannabis medicine to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up clear.

For experienced patients who use or require cannabis for sleep, you know how well it works. But, you also know how every “buzz”, “bag” or “vape” can deliver a different effect, and sometimes one that doesn’t work so well for sleep. Pure Bliss is pure consistency.

You also know you certainly can’t always easily travel with vapes or leaf and edibles are slow and unpredictable. A melting tablet is convenience.

Pure Bliss is the alternative to smoking or vaping. It’s a discreet tablet that dissolves under your tongue, and it works like magic every time you use it without harmful byproducts. That matter a lot when you use it a lot.

Pure Bliss is made of one isolated type of THC molecule and specific terpenes clinically-tested and proven best for sleep. So, no silly buzz, just a light feeling of bliss with the release of mental micro-stressors allowing you to relax for sleep.


Why canna

In almost every way, what makes cannabis so great recreationally - the endless strains, varieties, effects and properties - is what makes it so hard to be a reliable medicine.

With smoking and vaping you cannot, week-after-week, get the same varietals, at the same dose, nor get the same effect. You will get “high” in different ways because each strain of flower is unique. If you vape, your body builds a tolerance to that vape quickly, forcing you to vape more. It works, yes, but cannabis can become a hassle, too.

This is what we solved with science and clinical trials. You can use Pure Bliss - regularly like a medicine - to really get ready for sleep in 10-15 minutes.

As you would expect, Pure Bliss reduces the mental “micro-stressors” that are key to calming your mind allowing you decompress and prepare for sleep.

But unlike the cannabis sledgehammer from smoking or vaping, Pure Bliss sublinguals leave your head significantly clearer during sleep so you dream better and can follow a more natural sleep cycle. That’s the power of science, and the power of cannabis when used as real medicine.

How it works and How much to take

Dissolving a crunched sublingual tablet under your tongue - that we’ll tell you now, tastes like “minty cannabis” - enables the THC and terpene to be absorbed and activated quickly and reliably every time you use it. So no harm to your lungs and nothing to digest through your stomach.

Expect a consistent gentle, blissful, mental calm that helps you most after you lay down and close your eyes.

Users who haven’t recently used cannabis, or who have never used cannabis for sleep, should start first with a 2-pack of Pure Sleep and test if a softer level of assistance works best.

Pure Sleep is heavily CBD-dominant while Pure Bliss is a specific and targeted 10:1 THC dominant approach. Regular or habitual cannabis users will want to use Pure Bliss right away.

A dose for most, is ONE HALF of a tablet 15-20 mins before eyes-shut. Heavier cannabis users or folks with more severe sleep issues can certainly “crunch and melt“ a full tablet, but it most often isn’t necessary. Using higher dosages is more a psychological belief that one “has to feel a buzz” to fall asleep. Because Pure Bliss is a THC isolate, not full-spectrum cannabis, current cannabis users need to remember to not expect a glorious high.

As you gain confidence in how well Pure Bliss and micro-dosing works, you can easily taper down your mg THC intake to find exactly how little can work well, every time, for you.

The Pure Bliss THC-forward formula has a 10:1 THC to CBD ratio and each Pure Bliss tablet delivers a precise, fast-acting dose for a consistent experience every time.

Each tablet contains:

10 mg THC / 1 mg CBD / 0.1 mg Cannabis Terpene

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