Pure Green is currently conducting FDA-compliant, licensed-MD administered Clinical Trial Programs to test efficacy, monitor effects and observe human preferences around our cannabis-based medicines.

Pure Green currently seeks qualified individuals and residents of the US State of Michigan for participation in confidential HIPAA-compliant study groups. Pure Green is applying for investigational new drug phase 2 and phase 3 with the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA). We are committed to learn, improve, reformulate, and retest our products using information, results and insights from our studies.

Current clinical trials OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT:

a) Multi-center Female painful menses and migraines relief (Pure Femme)

b) Multi-center sublingual CBD fast-acting pain relief (Pure CBD)

c) THC and CBD sublingual pharmacokinetics studies (PK Study)

Clinical testing forecast set for Q3/Q4 2019:

a) PTSD human drug THC/CBD,

b) Opioid habituation reduction human THC/CBD

c) Canine CBD drug products

Questions? Like to learn about participating? Have a family-member who you think would benefit?

Read more about the PURE FEMME - Painful Menses and Menses-related Migraine Study

Learn about PURE CBD - CBD as a front-line general inflammation and pain relief study

If you'd rather email us and arrange to talk in private, drop us an email any time.

A registered clinical coordinator will telephone you privately to discuss participation requirements and schedule a private telephone study intake with Dr. Debra Kimless, MD.

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