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Pure CBD is pure Medicine.

A proven and fast-acting, natural, and non-toxic anti-inflammatory you can use every day to improve the quality of your life while you heal.

Our mint-flavored, cannabis-derived Pure CBD dissolving tablets contain only pharmaceutical-grade CBD and targeted-terpenes for safe, fast, and dependable daily reduction of inflammation and pain.

For daily or twice-daily use, short or long-term, medical-grade CBD delivers reliable, predictable, and non-intoxicating relief in 5-10 minutes.

Hemp-derived CBD mixed with herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, or other medicines is NEVER recommended for extended use. Using more of a good thing, or mixing non-medicines in is never ever a smart thing to do. Keep it simple, keep it pure, and let it work.

After years of research and testing, we’ve patented elements of these sublingual CBD tablets and Pure Green is currently applying to the FDA for our formulation to be considered an approved pharmaceutical drug. This would open access to Pure CBD to everyone in the United States.

We are currently running clinical trials that study CBD absorption as well as using CBD for front-line pain relief an as an alternative to ibuprofen and others. We are fully committed to the science, safety and targeted-efficacy of cannabis as medicine.

Each tablet contains:

20 mg CBD / 0.1 mg Curated Terpenes. Zero THC. Safe for human and canine use.

Each Pure CBD tablet delivers a precise, fast-acting dose for relief of mild to moderate pain and may be taken once or up to a maximum three-times per-day.

Provides relief in 5-10 minutes after you crunch the tablet and allow a minute for the pieces to dissolve under your tongue. If a tablet is swallowed reduced benefits are achieved only after 45-60 minutes while your body uses digestion to absorb the CBD.

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