Female painful menses and menses-induced migraines study

Many women unfortunately understand just how real and just how excruciating “painful menses” really is. We believe we may have a treatment to lessen it, naturally. After years of research, we have successfully formulated a cannabis-derived medicine and an easy-to-follow monthly regimen using sublingual melting tablets.

Duration: Two months.
Primary Requirement: No other THC or CBD products may be taken during the study.
Summary: For each menses cycle during the study, sublingual (dissolving under-tongue) tablets are provided along with clear directions for when, how much, and how often to take Pure Femme tablets. Personal results are quickly recorded in either a MBClinical for iPhone or MBClinical for Android secure diary app.

This is a formal pre-FDA study of prospective human medical drug products. Your diligence and care is all we ask for no-cost participation, and early-access to a safer, natural, monthly menses treatment option. Honest, quality information back from participants informs consequential scientific decisions about formulations and regimens that we are confident will help millions of women. This is very specialized “cannabis as menses medicine,” and we need your help to prove it.

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