Did you know that every mammal has an endocannabinoid system and is designed to be compatible with Cannabis? Cannabis is nature’s anti-inflammatory drug.

Is CBD and THC really safe? Who created this product? Are you confused with all the acronyms bandied about like CBD, terpenes, sublingual, and entourage? Please take a moment to sit back and learn about the science of creating and using Cannabis as Medicine.



Pure Green tablets are taken orally and do not require water or swallowing. Our pharmaceutical grade tablets dissolve quickly in the oral cavity (5-15 seconds), with the active ingredient rapidly absorbed and diffused for direct access to the bloodstream.

Once absorbed, the active ingredients can bypass the liver’s first-pass effect, improving therapeutic outcomes and efficacy through improved bioavailability and facilitates excellent patient compliance.

Our tablets are suitable for a wide range of patients, including for geriatric and pediatric patients who experience difficulty swallowing.


At our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade production facility, we prepare the medical cannabis using our patent-pending process which ensures there are never an solvents, contaminants or pesticides. Our tablets are made with exact amounts of THC, CBD and Curated Terpenes for a targeted effect. Every batch is analyzed by a state-certified lab so we are 100% certain of purity and potency. The result is a consistent dose each and every time you take one of our tablets.


Before any of our products are shipped, our Quality Assurance Team inspects all aspects of our tablets to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Our partner analytical lab samples and tests each formulas’ cannabinoid levels six (6) times throughout the production process, ensuring superior quality assurance in our finished product.