Pure Green - It’s SCIENCE.

Our patent pending micro-dose CBD+THC tablets are non-toxic, non-addictive, lab-tested and effective.

Engineered to reduce psychoactive reactions and keep your head clear.

Compassionate. Innovative. Forward-thinking.

Our dedication to research and the science behind medical cannabis is paramount. 

Our organization is committed to changing the way people perceive and utilize the cannabis plant while creating a movement that will shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pure Green is delivering on the promise and benefits of medical marijuana by producing a precise, predictable, and symptom-specific solution to patients seeking relief from pain.

Stephen Goldner
CEO & Founder


Steve’s unique talents bridge many disciplines which include serving as FDA advisor to the National Institutes of Health, presenting on the main stage at TEDMED and TEDX conferences, and founding Board of Director for MichBIO. He consults for cannabis clients through C3 Consulting Group, and with his company Regulatory Affairs Associates, he and his teams have successfully obtained FDA approval for over 240 medical devices and drugs in 40+ countries. Additionally, he co-founded Pinnacle Lab in Troy, Michigan - the only cannabis-testing laboratory that meets stringent FDA drug standards.

As a cannabis activist, Steve serves as Chairman of the Cannabis Testing Labs Committee for FOCUS, and the ISO Cannabis standard setting organization. He was the USA representative to the UNGASS 2016 United Nations colloquium to adjust the United Nations ‘War on Drugs’ Policy.

Steve also developed and published many of the first laboratory methods to detect drugs during his years as Supervisor Forensic Toxicologist at the New York Chief Medical Examiner’s Office. In 1974, while working with his mentor, John Broich, he formulated the only non-abusable narcotic [oral liquid dose methadone] then obtained FDA and DEA approval within a year for the innovative drug. As Lab Director and COO of Mifflin Laboratories, Steve set a benchmark in its fast-to-market successful pharmaceutical launch in a highly regulated [DEA Schedule 1 Narcotic] market. Methadone has since become the worldwide standard of care for opioid addiction.  

John Althaus
VP of Research & Development,
Quality Assurance


John's career spans 40+ years of scientific research and development in academia, as well as business development & commercialization within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. To date, medical device products commercialized and/or developed include “Free-Bound” for plasma free-copper measurements (Adeonal), “BD MAX” for nucleic acid identification (BD), “Accordometer” for NO detection in biological media Accord Biosciences, and “EPOC” a microfluidic device that measure 12 blood chemistries simultaneously (Epocal). John is the scientific and analytical brain behind what it takes to produce our formulas and products. He also serves as a Professor at Mercy College of Ohio where he teaches general, organic and biochemistry to nursing students.